The World's First and Only Digital Wideband MR System. Only at Elite Hospital in Cyprus!

Philips Ingenia Provida Wideband MRI system, one of the new imaging technologies 1.5 tesla It is an extremely fast device, as well as providing the most advanced and top-level imaging among imaging methods.

It gives access to a wide range of advanced applications for brain, body, oncology and heart examinations.

Cranial MRI is usually 8 minutes completed in such a short time. This is also an excellent time for patients.

Equipped with adequate and special programs for each region, this device easily adapts to different patient anatomies. Thanks to its thin and flexible coils, it scans all body shapes both efficiently and comfortably.

For MRI, the patient wears metal-free clothing or a patient gown. Thanks to its large interior volume, it also provides a great advantage for patients with ailments such as panic attacks and claustrophobia.

MRI is so Easy Now!

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