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Nutrition and Dietetics

Human health; It is under the influence of many factors such as nutrition, heredity, climate and environmental conditions. Nutrition is one of these factors for human growth, development, and a healthy and productive life.

Nutrition is a vital process that includes the digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients taken into the body with food. It has been scientifically proven that adequate growth and development cannot be achieved and health deteriorates as a result of not (a) taking any of the nutrients and/or taking more or less than necessary.

Irregular Nutrition and Its Causes

The sedentary life caused by industrialization in the world and the modern life that has developed due to it, and the nutritional habits that have changed in a negative way, have led to the emergence and rapid increase of many diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and osteoporosis in all age groups.

Babies, developing children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly are among the groups affected by inadequate and unbalanced nutrition. In this context, adequate and balanced nutrition is the most basic condition for individuals to reach their growth and development potential, to protect health, to prevent diseases and/or to treat them effectively.

However, adopting an active lifestyle is also very important in terms of protecting both physical and mental health. In this respect, it is an important step to be informed about nutrition and to get support for the construction of a healthy life.

Correct Eating Habits

Right at this point; based on scientific literature, planned within the framework of ethical values, specific to the individual and focused on the problem; Teaching/inducing sustainable, applicable and understandable correct eating habits, creating effective medical nutrition therapy, raising awareness of quality life, and working on improving and protecting public health have an important place among our services.

Our Clinical Nutrition Services:

Nutritional Counseling
Body Analysis Evaluation
Body Weight Control
Vegetarian-Vegan Nutrition Consultancy 
Nutritional Therapy in Eating Disorders
Nutrition and Weight Control During Pregnancy
Nutrition and Weight Control During Lactation 
Nutrition in Childhood (0-18 years)
Nutrition in Geriatrics / Old Age (65 years and ≤)
Nutrition During Menopause
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Obesity 
Metabolic Syndrome and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Cardiovascular Diseases and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Diabetes and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Cancer Prevention and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Kidney Diseases and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Hypertension and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Digestive System Diseases and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Nervous System Diseases and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition in Bone and Joint Diseases 
Psychiatric Disorders and Nutritional Treatment
Skin Defects and Medical Nutrition Therapy
Sports Nutrition

Training and Seminars:

Family Nutrition Counseling 
Corporate Consulting
Educational and Motivational Healthy Eating Seminars 

exp. dit. Aysel Kanioglulari
Mother and Child Nutrition Specialist


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