Op. Dr. Hasan Ceyda

Cardiac surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery covers all complaints about the heart that may require early diagnosis and intervention.

For this reason, the diseases that fall under the unit's area of expertise are related to the heart itself, the coronary vessels feeding the heart, the heart valves and the circulatory system (arterial and veins) with which it works. Today, the biggest complaints that threaten human health are experienced in the heart and its organs. For this reason, death rates from heart-related diseases have been increasing over the years.

Cardiovascular Surgery is the unit that provides early detection of vascular diseases affecting the functioning of the heart as well as cardiac diseases and performs surgical treatment. By using the newest possibilities of modern medicine, the patient's health is ensured with the most appropriate surgical methods determined according to the needs of the patient.

Cardiovascular Surgery works in coordination with other units so that the patient can return to his normal life without losing time. In particular, the contributions of the anesthesia and physiotherapy units increase the success rate of the surgical intervention and provide the patient with comfort in the postoperative period.


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