Op.Dr. Cemal SEYHUN

General Surgery Unit

General surgery is a discipline that manages the surgical treatment of regional and systemic problems in the body. Surgery is based on the principle of repairing or removing the diseased organ of diseases that cannot be cured by other treatment methods, and correcting the structural defects in the body by surgery and transforming it into an appropriate form.

General surgery is divided into branches as endocrine system diseases, breast diseases, bariatric and metabolic surgery, gastrointestinal system diseases and hepatobiliary system diseases. Goiter (thyroid gland), adrenal gland, breast, esophagus (esophagus), stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, hernias, liver, gall bladder, biliary tract, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical interventions and emergency diseases of all these organs are included in the field of General Surgery.

Since the Department of General Surgery is a very broad discipline, it is a branch that requires working together with many other disciplines. Especially in many cancer type and obesity patient groups, it works in cooperation with other disciplines in the planning of diagnosis, surgery and subsequent treatment stages.

Another important discipline in which General Surgery plays an important role is traumatology. In fact, traumatology is a field that requires a multidisciplinary approach that requires the cooperation of departments of Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery and Urology, especially General Surgery. General Surgery Department undertakes the coordination of the relevant branches in patients admitted to the emergency department with trauma.

In the General Surgery Department of our hospital, besides the treatment of all these disease groups, screening and detailed follow-ups are also carried out for the early diagnosis of colon cancer and breast cancer.

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