Op. Dr. Erol Seherlioglu

Our ENT department head Op. Dr. Erol Seherlioglu

Welcome to our ENT department! Our ENT department head Op. Dr. Erol Şeherlioğlu serves you in our hospital with his experience in ear, nose, throat, head and neck diseases and surgery.

Apart from the polyclinic examination, we have the chance to guide you in the most accurate way and to reach the correct diagnosis in the light of the laboratories, radiology and audiology examinations within our hospital. The ENT practice is equipped with the latest technology endoscopy and endovision systems.

The diseases that fall under the field of otolaryngology, head and neck diseases and surgery can be summarized as follows:

Otology and Neurootology

It is a branch that covers diseases related to the inner, outer and middle ear and diseases that are related to the ear and brain. In this branch, diseases such as acute and chronic ear infections, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis and vertigo are examined.

Rhinology and allergic nasal diseases

It is a branch that deals with diseases such as nasal concha swellings, deviations and anatomical disorders in the nasal bone, nasal polyps, acute and chronic sinusitis, seasonal and ongoing allergic rhinitis, nose bleeds and intranasal cancer.

Stomatology and Oropharynx Disorders

It is a branch that deals with problems in the oral region and intraoral structures. Intraoral inflammations, swelling and inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids, snoring problems, cysts and tumors in the mouth are examined under this branch.


It is a branch that deals with inflammation of the vocal cords, vocal cord nodules and laryngeal neoplasms. In addition, the examination of laryngopharyngeal reflux and speech disorders, called throat reflux, is also under this branch.

Head and Neck Surgery

There are many salivary glands in the head and neck region. The salivary glands are located in front of the ear, under the tongue and under the chin. In some cases, inflammation of the salivary glands or swelling associated with a tumor may occur. Investigation of thyroid glands, congenital or inflammatory or neoplasm based swellings and glands in the neck region and surgical intervention of all tumors observed in the head and neck region are examined under this branch.